The 37 Best Gifts Under $25 (That You Can Buy on Amazon) For People Who Love to Bake

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Under $25

We firmly believe that you can give amazing gifts without breaking the bank. No matter what your budget is, you can find a gift that you’ll love giving and someone will love receiving.

All of the gifts for people who love to bake on this list are gifts under $25. There are also over 20 gifts under $15 (there are even some gifts under $10)! Even without their amazing price tags, we think these are the best gifts for bakers.

We purposely put together this list using only gifts you could buy on Amazon. That makes it easy for you to bundle your gift shopping so that you don’t pay shipping.

If you’re ready to see 35+ affordable gifts for people who love to bake, keep scrolling!

*Prices are not guaranteed, and are accurate based on the day of posting.

$25 and Under

Perfect for the person that loves decorating cookies. This is our favorite cookie cutter set. It cuts large beautiful cookies and always gets clean edges. It also has a cookie cutter for every major holiday!

Perfect for the person that always accidentally bakes cookies a little too long. If you’ve visited this site before, you already know that we’re obsessed with these baking sheets. We use them for all of our cookie recipes. We never get the dreaded burned cookie bottoms when we use them.

Perfect for the person with impeccable taste. This is arguably the best vanilla extract on the market.

Somehow modern and retro at the same time. These cookie stamps make perfect cookies with gorgeous geometric decorations.

Perfect for anyone that loves good chocolate. Great desserts come down to great ingredients. This is the best cocoa powder and will make next-level desserts.

Perfect for the person who loves cool and unique things. This is the perfect way to liven up a morning cup of coffee.

Perfect for the person that loves to bake pie. Rolling out pie dough (or sugar cookie dough) has never been easier. French rolling pins are infinitely easier to use than American rolling pins.

Perfect for anyone. Seriously. Having an extra large bowl like this one makes nearly every recipe easier. Perfect for mixing dough, throwing together a salad, marinating, and just about anything else you can think of.

Perfect for the person who can’t get enough vanilla flavor. Vanilla bean paste will actually infuse flecks of vanilla beans into your desserts. It’s truly perfect for desserts like vanilla frosting, poundcake, and vanilla cupcakes.

This is a practical gift that will last for years and years. A lot of pie weight sets don’t have enough weights for an entire pie, but this one has more than enough!

The truth is in the name for this gift. Everything anyone will need to know about baking is in this amazing book.

Perfect for the person that wants to have their cookie and eat it, too. Can you think of a more fun way to enjoy to enjoy pudding than with an edible cookie spoon?

If you’ve got a person in your life that eats gluten free, they feel the pain of how expensive the flours can be. This flour is the best (and we’ve tried tons). It’s truly 1:1 and the gluten free people in your life will love baking with it.

These bear hand oven mitts are the perfect unique gift for bakers.

For the person that only wants the best things in life – because what’s better than a tray full of corner brownies?

$15 & Under

These measuring spoons the cutest. They come with a handy egg separator, which makes this the perfect set for bakers.

Perfect for the person that loves to make healthy version of treats at home. These donut pans make it so easy to bake healthier donuts!

For the person that truly considers their dogs to be a part of the family. Or for you so you can give the gift of freshly baked treats to your dog!

Perfect for the person that can’t stop watching Cake Wars and wants to try their hand at cake decorating.

Perfect for all the mathematicians and nerdy bakers in your life. They’ll love this witty mug.

Perfect for your best friend that you’ve lovingly dubbed The Cookie Monster. Help them make perfect cookies by giving them this versatile cookie scoop.

Perfect for the person with lots of spice bottles. Have you ever tried getting spices out of a spice bottle with normal measuring spoons? It’s impossible. Make their lives easier with these narrow measuring spoons that fit inside the bottles.

Perfect for the person with no counter space. Also perfect for the person who loves large batch baking.

Perfect for the baker with attitude. Help them break free of the traditional cutesy cookie cutters. Give them these bold cookie cutters instead.

Perfect for environmentally conscious people. Also perfect for people that love crispy baked food. Food bakes so much crispier (and heavenly!) on silicone baking mats than on parchment paper.

Perfect for the person with a true sweet tooth. Introduce them to the decadence of making their own candy with this candy thermometer.

For the precision baker. Ovens often heat to temperatures different than we set them. Help the bakers in your life get their recipes just right by knowing what temperature their oven actually is.

Another one for the precision baker. Baking recipes are far more accurate when they’re weight based and not volume based. Help them next-level their baking by venturing into the world of weight based recipes.

I mean, have you ever seen a cuter way to separate eggs?

This is a baking necessity. It makes zesting so much easier. It comes in all the fun colors, so you can choose their favorite one!

Perfect for getting clean edge and wavy edge dough cuts. Pie and pasta making just got easier and more beautiful!

Perfect for person that loves color. It’s so much easier to add color to recipes with gel coloring without ruining the consistency of the dessert. Total game changer.

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