2019 The 47 Best Affordable Gifts (That You Can Buy on Amazon) For People Who Love to Cook

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We firmly believe that you can give amazing gifts without breaking the bank. No matter what your budget is, you can find a gift that you’ll love giving and someone will love receiving.

All of the gifts for people who love to cook on this list are gifts under $50. All but a few of them are gifts under $25. There are also over 20 gifts under $15 (there are even some gifts under $10)! Even without their amazing price tags, we think these are the best gifts for people who love to cook.

We purposely put together this list using only gifts you could buy on Amazon. That makes it easy for you to bundle your gift shopping so that you don’t pay shipping.

If you’re ready to see 50+ affordable gifts for people who love to cook, keep scrolling!

*Prices are not guaranteed, and are accurate based on the day of posting.

Have a Little Extra to Spend?

Perfectly cooked food – every single time. These magical machines have come a long way and the technology is becoming surprisingly affordable.

Perfect for the person that loves smoothies and sauces. This powerhouse personal blender is all you need to make amazing smoothies and any kind of blended homemade sauce.

Perfect for the person that always has lots going on in the kitchen. This magical gadget will actually stir your pot for you.

$25 & Under

Perfect for the person that loves their home state. Show some home state pride with this dual cutting and serving board.

For the person that loves unicorns, a great cup of tea, and a good laugh.

Roasted garlic is basically heaven on earth. Smear it on French bread for an extra special treat.

Yes, you red that right. This pack lets you take the dough straight from boiling to baking for perfect homemade bagels.

I love my ceramic knives. They’ve lasted me for years and I don’t have to sharpen them. This is the perfect starter set for someone who doesn’t have any good knives.

You read that right. All you need for 45-second omelettes is this stoneware pottery dish, eggs, toppings, and a microwave. Perfect for the person that loves breakfast but it is always running late.

Discover the magic of infused flavored salt. This is the perfect gift for someone that loves playing with flavors.

For the person that’s always thirsty. Now they can carry extra water without lugging around extra bottles all day.

A little touch of luxury is always a welcome gift.

Sometimes it’s just more fun to cut cheese when it feels like you’re chopping a log.

Perfect for the person that likes a little touch of luxury here and there. I’m always so excited when I’m gifted this – it smells amazing and works so well!

You can make mozzarella, burrata, burricota, chevre, ricotta, and mascarpone with this kit!

This is sure to confuse people once they’re a few glasses in.

There’s something really cool about growing your own food. This kit makes it is so easy, even someone with a black thumb could use it.

Grate the cheese for your tacos in a taco shaped cheese grater.

Perfect for vegans and vegetarians. This press drains the excess water so you can have truly crispy and flavorful tofu. The press is especially great because it catches the water as it drains.

Perfect for the person with no space. Salad spinners are a must for anyone that loves fresh greens, and this one collapses to a fraction of the normal size.

Perfect for the person who loves lemonade or freshly squeezed orange juice.

Perfect for the person that only likes to use good quality ingredients. This one is much easier to use than the aerated versions.

Perfect for anyone. A good set of these lightweight, versatile, nesting stainless steel mixing bowls will last for years and be used all the time.

$15 & Under

For everyone. Truly. Anyone can use a good cast iron skillet because it does everything. This is a gift that will last a lifetime.

For the person than unwinds at the end of the day with a glass of red wine. Now they can have perfectly decanted wine without waiting for it.

For the young at heart and the unicorn obsessed.

These pans are truly nonstick and they are a serious steal right now. Be sure to apply the coupon price to the sale price – you won’t believe the bargain you’re getting on these high quality baking sheets.

For the person that loves all the fancy food. This, this right here, this is my guilty pleasure.

For the person that spends too much on takeout.

For the person that loves cats. And the person that loves all things gold and luxe.

For the person that always takes their coffee to go. These mugs are the best. They’ll keep your coffee hot for hours.

Also for the butter lover. You know how room temperature butter that spreads easily onto your toast is just the best? This is how you have that kind of butter all the time.

For the person that misses pasta. Also for the person that loves vegetables in everything.

For the person that’s just setting up their kitchen. This is the perfect affordable and versatile utensil kit.

The most perfect salt ever. Delicate, flavorful, and all around wonderful. These salt flakes are unlike any other salt.

For the person that loves shots. Or for the person that just loves cool looking things.

For the person that puts herbs on everything. Help them keep their herbs fresher longer.

Also for the person that puts herbs on everything. It’s so much simpler to add a few snips of herbs to your dinner than it is to have to chop it. Life just got easier.

For quesadilla lovers, and pancake lovers, and naan lovers, and pizza lovers….so basically just for all food lovers?

For the meat lover. Take the guesswork out of cooking meat and take the temperature instead (seriously this has made my life so much easier).

For the person that likes everything sliced really thin. Or for the person that likes everything to be even. Also for the person that keeps cutting their fingers when they’re slicing vegetables.

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