25+ Easy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

Whether you’re looking for light and healthy breakfasts, savory breakfast ideas, or a sweet breakfast that’s perfect for brunch, we’ve got you covered!

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Breakfast is the meal where it’s the easiest to keep costs down. Since so many of the typical breakfast ingredients are more affordable, it’s a great place to experiment with new recipes without breaking the bank. It’s also why I love to have a breakfast for dinner night every week!

Maybe it’s just me, but holiday breakfasts are always one of my most favorite parts of the special day. From Christmas, to Thanksgiving, to Halloween, to Birthdays, to Mother’s Day, and everything in between, we love celebrating holidays from sunup to sundown, and we’ve got lots of easy breakfast recipes to make your celebrations that much more special!

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Breakfast Ideas for Kids

If you’re tired of making the same scrambled eggs and smiley face bacon for your kids every morning, we’ve got lots of breakfast ideas that your kids will love! Some favorites are the breakfast sliders and breakfast pizza.

Eggs are one of our favorite staples for breakfast. They’re affordable, quick to prepare, high in protein, and so versatile. Try our cloud eggs for a fresh take on eggs that’s easy and fun to make!

When I think of easy, healthy, and affordable food, oatmeal’s always at the top of that list. That’s why we love it so much around here. Oatmeal is easy to make in advance or quick to make right when you need it, and the flavors are so versatile. Be sure to try our pumpkin pie oatmeal if you want a real treat!

Make ahead breakfasts are such a game changer on busy weekday mornings. We love meal prepping everything from eggs, to breakfast sandwiches perfect for travel, to grab and go granola, to breakfast cookies that are perfect for camping. If you’re looking for recipes that you don’t have to cook, try our overnight oats!

If you’re new to eating gluten free, you know that breakfast can be one of the trickiest meals to navigate (muffins, pastries, pancakes – the list of gluten filled breakfast treats goes on and on)! We’ve got tons of naturally gluten free breakfast recipes and even some special gluten free baked goods and pastries to share with you.

From simple crispy potatoes, to breakfast quesadillas, to tasty Christmas breakfasts, we’ve got tons of breakfast ideas for you to discover and enjoy!