Air Fryer Jalapeno Poppers


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Keto air fryer jalapeno poppers are the perfect easy and delicious appetizer! They’re a lightened up version of traditional jalapeno poppers with tons of flavor.

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Air Fryer Jalapeno Poppers

When one of my favorite snacks gets a healthy makeover I get SO excited. Like, really and truly excited. These jalapeno poppers are definitely worth getting excited for.

Not only did they get a healthy makeover by ditching the breading and then getting fried in the air fryer, the filling got a serious upgrade with tons of flavor. I added garlic and scallions to up the flavor in these and the difference is amazing.

I’ve partnered up with BUBBL’R to bring you this lightened up appetizer recipe. It’s perfect paired with an ice cold can of their sparkling water! You can find out where to buy BUBBL’R here.

Keto jalapeno poppers on a white platter.

How to Make Jalapeno Poppers

One of the most important things is to start with cooked bacon. I like to cook my bacon in the air fryer just before making the poppers, but if you want to keep things quick and simple bacon bits work just as well! If you’re feeling extra fancy, I think cooked sausage crumbles would work instead of bacon.

If you’re vegetarian, you can just make these without bacon – they’re delicious either way!

Rubber gloves, a knife, a spoon, and a jalapeno on a cutting board.

After that you’ll wash and dry the jalapenos, cut them in half lengthwise, and remove the seeds. I’d definitely recommend using gloves to do this!

Jalapano halves on a plate.

Mix together your cheese mixture and spoon the filling into each jalapeno half.

Preheat the air fryer on 350 F for 3 minutes, and then cook the poppers in the air fryer for 6 – 10 minutes. There’s a bit of a variance in time depending on your air fryer model and your preference.

Cream cheese and herb filling mixed in a bowl.
Jalapeno poppers before adding the bacon.

I tested it in two air fryers (a Ninja and a T-fal). 6 – 8 minutes was perfect in the Ninja, while 8 – 10 minutes was perfect in the T-fal.

If you want to bake these, you can cook them in a 400 F oven for 15 minutes.

Jalapeno poppers before cooking in the air fryer.

Can you Freeze Jalapeno Poppers?

Definitely! Just be sure to really press the bacon into the cream cheese mixture before freezing so they stay in place. It’s best to freeze them flat on a baking sheet and then transfer them to an airtight container for storage.

To cook them, just increase the time in the air fryer by a bit. 10 minutes seemed perfect in the Ninja, and 12 minutes seemed perfect in the T-fal.

Jalapeno poppers in air fryer before cooking.
Jalapeno poppers in air fryer after cooking.

Which Cheese To Use

We’re using a mixture of cream cheese and cheddar cheese in these poppers. The cream cheese is perfect for stuffing the jalapenos because it’s spreadable, and the cheddar is for flavor and to help bind everything together.

If you want to make this without cream cheese, you could use goat cheese instead. You could also substitute the cheddar with your favorite block cheese (mozzarella and pepper jack are both great in these).

A close up image of jalapeno poppers.

Dipping Sauce

I don’t always make a dipping sauce for these, but when I do my favorites are my Cilantro Lime Sauce and my Copycat Taco Bell Quesadilla Sauce.

Keto Jalapeno Poppers

Since this recipe doesn’t use any breading or panko, it’s naturally keto and gluten free! You’d never know it by tasting it though.

Air fryer jalapeno poppers in two rows.

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Yield: 16

Keto Air Fryer Jalapeno Poppers

Air fryer keto jalapeno poppers on a white platter,

Keto air fryer jalapeno poppers are the perfect easy and delicious appetizer! They're a lightened up version of traditional jalapeno poppers with tons of flavor.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • 4 large slices thick cut bacon
  • 8 medium jalapenos
  • ⅓ cup freshly grated cheddar cheese
  • ½ block cream cheese (room temperature, 4 ounces)
  • ¼ cup chopped green onions
  • 2 medium cloves garlic (crushed)
  • ¼ teaspoon fine sea salt
  • ⅛ teaspoon ground black pepper


  1. Start by cooking your bacon in the air fryer. Preheat the air fryer at 400 F (205 C) for 3 minutes. Add the bacon to the air fryer and cook at 400 F for 10 - 11 minutes (checking the bacon halfway through the cooking time). Remove bacon from the air fryer using tongs, and roughly chop once it has cooled. Be sure to clean out the bacon grease from the air fryer after it has cooled and before you cook the poppers.
  2. While wearing disposable gloves, cut the jalapenos in half. Remove the membranes and seeds. Rinse the jalapeno halves in cold water and dry them.
  3. In a medium bowl, mix together the cream cheese, cheddar cheese, green onions, garlic, salt, and pepper. Use a spoon to scoop an even amount of filling into each jalapeno half. Press the chopped bacon into the top of each filled jalapeno (press it in enough so that it doesn’t blow off in the air fryer).
  4. Preheat the air fryer to 350 F (177 C) on the air fry setting for 3 minutes. Place the poppers in the air fryer, cheese side up, and cook on the air fry setting for 6 - 10 minutes at 350 F, or until the jalapenos have softened and the cheese is hot. Depending on the size of your air fryer, you may have to cook these in 2 batches.
  5. Remove poppers from the air fryer using tongs and enjoy as soon as they’re cool enough to eat.


If your skin is sensitive to chili, please wear gloves while you’re handling the jalapenos! Also, be sure not to rub your eyes for a while after preparing the poppers. Washing your hands with dish soap will help remove the chili oil, but it can easily stay on your hands for hours after handling the peppers.

I’m using thick cut bacon from Costco, which is very long. If you’re using bacon slices that are a more average length, use 6 - 8 depending on your preference.

I tested this in two air fryers. In the Ninja air fryer the cooking time was 6 - 8 minutes, depending on how soft you like your poppers (5 minutes if you want them firm and spicy). In the T-fal air fryer the cooking time was 8 - 10 minutes, depending on how soft you like your poppers (6 minutes if you want them firm and spicy).

Nutrition Information:

Serving Size:

1 popper (1/16)

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 69Total Fat: 6.4gCarbohydrates: 1.1gNet Carbohydrates: .9gFiber: 0.2gSugar: 0.6gProtein: 1.6g

Nutrition information isn’t always accurate.


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Make this delicious and healthy appetizer! These air fryer jalapeno poppers also make the perfect game day snack.

Air fryer keto jalapeno poppers on a white platter,

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