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This original fantasy fudge is the vintage recipe on the Jet-Puffed jar that we all know and love! It’s a quick and easy fudge recipe that tastes absolutely delicious and turns out perfectly every single time.

Original Fantasy Fudge

These Jet-Puffed fudge squares are so soft, creamy, lush, and smooth. They literally melt in your mouth. Plus, if you love walnuts as much as I do, you’re going to love the little crunchy pieces tossed throughout. If you don’t love nuts in your candy, you can also leave them out – this recipe will work and taste just as good!

This Jet puffed fudge recipe on the jar really is the best fudge for the holiday season. It’s an old fashioned sweet treat that’s a family tradition we absolutely love. Since it’s relatively easy, it’s a lot of fun to make with the whole family.

This fudge does require a lot of stirring, so you’re going to want to give it your full, undivided attention for a whole 10 minutes. I love that you can make such a big batch of delicious Christmas fudge in only 10 minutes though!

My best advice would be to follow the directions exactly, have all the ingredients measured and close to the stove before you start, and to really stick to the exact timer recommendations. As long as you follow the steps accurately and quickly, this fudge should turn out perfectly for you.

Be sure to read the whole post to troubleshoot all the common problems, too. Read everything in advance, and you should have no problems with this quick vintage fantasy fudge recipe on the stovetop!

Ingredients For Recipe For Fantasy Fudge

Granulated Sugar: It’s important to use the regular white granulated sugar. I wouldn’t recommend using organic granulated sugar because the granules in the brands I’ve tested are a bit larger, which makes it take a little longer for them to melt. So, you’ll be more likely to end up with grainy fudge if you use the organic granulated sugar.

Butter: I use salted butter in this recipe, and it’s what I recommend using. The salt balances out the sugar really nicely. If you only have unsalted butter, feel free to use that instead since either will work. I do think it’s important to use butter instead of margarine in this fudge – the taste difference between the two is definitely noticeable and the butter tastes much better.

Evaporated Milk: It’s so so so important to use evaporated milk in this recipe. Use the full-fat evaporated milk, too. You can’t substitute the evaporated milk with sweetened condensed milk or regular milk. Neither one of them has the right texture or moisture content to work correctly in this recipe.

Chocolate Chips: Use the absolute best chocolate chips you can afford for this recipe. I don’t recommend using any store brand chocolate here. The quality of the chocolate makes a truly massive difference in the final flavor and texture. You’re so much more likely to end up with dry crumbly fudge if you don’t use high quality chocolate.

At a minimum, I’d recommend using Toll House chocolate chips, but something higher quality like Ghirardelli chocolate chips is better.

You also have to use semisweet chocolate chips, you can’t use baker’s chocolate in this recipe.

Marshmallow Creme: I recommend making this with the original Jet Puffed Marshmallow Creme because that’s how the recipe was originally written. I have tested this with marshmallow fluff though, and it worked beautifully both ways. Feel free to use what you have on hand, just know that if you’re craving the nostalgic flavor of the exact original recipe, marshmallow creme is the way to go.

Vanilla: Use pure vanilla extract in this recipe. Artificial vanilla is fine to use in baked goods because the heat masks the artificial flavor. Since the vanilla is added in at the end and isn’t cooked, you’ll really be able to taste the difference between pure vanilla extract and artificial vanilla in this fudge recipe.

Nuts: You can use your favorite chopped nuts, but I really think chopped walnuts are the classic pairing for chocolate fudge. It’s such a delicious combo! You could also use almonds or pecans though. If you don’t like nuts, you can also leave them out entirely.

The labeled ingredients for fantasy fudge.

How To Make Fudge With Marshmallow Cream

Line a baking dish with parchment paper or wax paper and set it to the side. Measure out all of your ingredients in advance, and lay them out close to the stove. You’ll have to move quickly later and you won’t have time to measure as you go. Add the sugar, butter, and evaporated milk to a medium sized heavy bottom saucepan over medium heat. Stir continuously while the butter melts. (See the recipe card below for the full written instructions.)

An image showing sugar, butter, milk added to a saucepan and then heated up.

Continue stirring the fudge constantly while it comes to a rolling boil. Once it’s boiling, set your timer. Stir quickly the entire time so that it doesn’t scorch. As soon as the timer goes off, remove the pan from the heat.

Bringing butter and sugar ingredients to a boil while constantly stirring.

Add the chocolate chips to the pan and stir until they have completely melted and incorporated into the mixture.

Mixing together chocolate chips into sugar, butter and milk mixture.

Add in the marshmallow cream and vanilla extract. Beat the fudge until it’s fully incorporated.

Adding marshmallow cream and vanilla to already mixed fudge batter.

Add in the chopped nuts, and stir to mix them into the fudge.

Mixing together fudge batter and walnuts in a saucepan.

Transfer the fudge to the center of the lined baking dish, then smooth it out to the edges so that it’s one even layer.

Placing fudge batter onto lined tray.

Let the fudge set completely. Once it has come to room temperature, remove it from the pan and cut it into individual servings. See the recipe card below for the full written instructions, including ingredient amounts, cooking times, and helpful tips, etc.

An image showing before and after cutting fantasy fudge into small inch sized pieces.

What Makes Fantasy Fudge Grainy?

Crystals form in fudge when the fudge is agitated while it’s setting. That’s why it’s important to set a timer and stop stirring as soon as you reach the 5 minute mark. It needs to cool completely without being disturbed.

Why Is My Fantasy Fudge Too Soft?

If your fudge is too soft or too liquidy, it means that you didn’t boil it for long enough. That means that you either didn’t boil it at a high enough temperature to reach a rolling boil, or you didn’t boil it for the full five minutes.

A lined tray of individually cut pieces of fudge.

Why Did My Fudge Turn Out Crumbly?

If your fudge is crumbly, it means that you cooked it for too long. Too much water evaporated during the cooking process, and not enough moisture was left behind, which is what creates the dry crumbly texture. Be sure to set your timer and remove the saucepan from the heat the second it goes off.

What Type Of Saucepan Should I Use?

It’s important to use a heavy bottomed saucepan. The bottom should literally feel heavy when you pick it up. If you use one with thin metal on the bottom, there will be hot spots. That means that some of the fudge will scorch. If you don’t have a medium sized heavy bottomed saucepan (a 2 1/2 or 3 quart saucepan is the perfect size), I recommend using a Dutch oven.

Is Fudge Better Made With Butter Or Margarine?

Butter is 100% the better option for making fudge. Margarine has a higher water content, so you can end up with fudge that never sets if you use margarine in place of butter. Use good quality butter, too. The better the quality of the butter, the higher the fat content (and the lower the water content).

Fudge pieces individually wrapped next to a tray of fudge pieces.

Is Jet Puffed Marshmallow Creme The Same As Fluff?

Marshmallow fluff is not the same as Kraft Jet-Puffed marshmallow creme. They’re very similar though, and I’ve used both successfully in this recipe. The difference is that marshmallow fluff is made using a batch-whipping process, whereas marshmallow creme uses a continuous mixing process.

In this recipe, marshmallow creme will create a more silky smooth textured fudge, and marshmallow fluff will create a slightly heavier fudge. Both are delicious though.

Can You Use Marshmallows Instead Of Marshmallow Creme In Fudge?

Melted marshmallows aren’t the same as marshmallow fluff. The texture is noticeably different, and melted marshmallows don’t have stabilizers in them (like eggs and cornstarch). That means that the fudge won’t set well.

Holding up a piece of a half eaten piece of fantasy fudge.

How Do You Cut Fudge Cleanly?

Let the fudge cool completely before you attempt to move it out of the baking pan or cut it. Place it on top of a cutting board so that you have a flat and even surface to cut on. Dip your large flat edged knife in boiling water, then dry it before cutting the fudge into long 1” thick strips (the heat helps the knife cut through the fudge easily). You may need to clean the knife and dip it in the hot water between each cut. After you’ve cut the fudge into strips (either vertical or horizontal), cut the strips in the opposite direction to create 1” squares.

If you want to cut the fudge into festive shapes using cookie cutters, I recommend using metal cookie cutters. I’ve had much better luck with them than with plastic cookie cutters. It’s also important to spray the entire cookie cutter with cooking spray. Clean and dry the cookie cutter completely after each cut, too. It takes a little bit of patience, but you’ll get beautiful fudge pieces as a result! 

Does Fantasy Fudge Need To Be Refrigerated?

Fudge doesn’t need to be refrigerated, but it will last longer if it’s stored in a cool place in an airtight container. In a cool airtight container, it should last for 1-2 weeks, so feel free to make it in advance of your holiday gathering!

A close up image of inch sized fudge pieces.

Can You Freeze Fudge?

Yes! If you want your fudge to last even longer, you can freeze this chocolate marshmallow fudge.

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Yield: 70 servings

ORIGINAL Fantasy Fudge Recipe {Jet Puffed Fudge}

The best fantasy fudge recipe.

This original fantasy fudge is the vintage recipe on the Jet-Puffed jar that we all know and love! It’s a quick and easy fudge recipe that tastes absolutely delicious and turns out perfectly every single time.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 7 minutes
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 12 minutes


  • 3 cups granulated sugar
  • 3/4 cup salted butter (room temperature, cut into cubes)
  • 1 (5 ounce) can evaporated milk (room temperature, 2/3 cup)
  • 1 (12 ounce) bag semisweet chocolate chips (room temperature, 2 cups)
  • 1 (7 ounce) jar marshmallow creme (room temperature)*
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)


  1. Line a 13x9 baking pan with parchment paper (make sure the paper is big enough to hang slightly over the edges - this will create handles that make it easy to remove from the pan after it sets).
  2. Lay out all of the measured ingredients near the stove now. You have to move quickly to prevent the fudge from burning, so you won’t have time to measure everything as you go later on.
  3. Heat a medium sized heavy bottomed saucepan over medium heat (a 2 1/2 or 3 quart heavy bottomed saucepan works best). Add in the granulated sugar, butter cubes, and evaporated milk. Stir constantly while the sugar completely dissolves and the butter melts. Continue stirring while it comes to a rolling boil.
  4. Once the mixture has started to boil, set a timer for 5 minutes. Be sure to quickly stir the mixture the entire time to prevent burning. Once the 5 minute timer goes off, remove the pot from the heat immediately. 
  5. Add the chocolate chips to the pot, and stir until they are completely melted. Once the chocolate has melted, add the marshmallow creme and vanilla extract. Beat the fudge together until it’s fully combined. Then add in the chopped walnuts and beat until they’re incorporated into the fudge mixture.
  6. Pour the mixture into the center of the prepared pan. Use a silicone spatula to smooth it out to the edges. Let the fudge cool completely before lifting it out of the pan using the overhang of the parchment paper as handles.
  7. Cut the fudge into roughly 1 inch squares. Serve in individual cups or on a serving tray and enjoy!


*I’ve tested this recipe with both marshmallow creme and marshmallow fluff, and it worked with both. Feel free to use whatever you have on hand. See the notes in the post above that describe the difference in texture that you can expect.

Nutrition Information:

Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 87Total Fat: 3.6gCarbohydrates: 14.3gFiber: 0.3gSugar: 13.2gProtein: 0.4g

Nutrition information isn’t always accurate.


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Try making this original marshmallow fluff fudge recipe! This no fail fudge is the perfect quick and easy recipe when you want to make fancy fudge with minimal effort.

The best fantasy fudge recipe.

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  1. Kraft Parkway margarine was an ingredient in Fantasy Fudge on the label of Kraft Jet P M cream from the beginning of time .. also, baking chocolate squares we’re on the first label, not morsels. The morsels made things a lot more easy. Two thumbs up for morsels ! Butter, changes the Taste of Fantasy Fudge considerably.. my mother nor her best friend would have never considered using butter in this recipe. Neither would I .. 68 year old .. BUTTER LOVER!

  2. I’ve only used baking chocolate in mine. That’s what was on the label when my grandmother made it. Margarine was also on it, but no one dare ate margarine for any reason. We’ve only used butter. I’ve tried the chips, but it’s just not the same.

  3. I have been using this recipe for over 30 years. I have used margarine in the past, but I think salted butter gives it a richer quality. I can make roughly 30 lbs of fudge in four hours.


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